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supervision in school

re : supervision in school           reply
01/12/2009 08:54 - Ask Mother Hen
Supervision by 6th class students for lunch periods before the kids go out to the yard is the norm in our school. The 6th class students are rostered over the course of the year so they would be on supervision for a couple of weeks and then off supervision. They only supervise while the kids are eating their lunch. Once the kids go out to the yard there is a teacher on duty. Seems to work fine in our school and think it is probably fairly common practice - maybe not. Interested to see what other responses you get.

re : supervision in school           reply
30/11/2009 23:34 - Ask Mother Hen
when I went to school that was normal I was a prefect and used to mind junior infants during break time...usually ur picked because u where seen as mature and responsible.. I wouldn´t personally have a problem with it .... It wouldn´t happen in my sons school as the junior and seniors schools are separate... but if ur not comfortable with it you should probably have a chat with the teacher... maybe the cuts in funding have caused this

supervision in school           reply
30/11/2009 22:13 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Dublin South)
i have just been told by my 5 year old daughter that her teacher sometimes leaves them with two 6th class boys when she goes for lunch. im presuming this is on wet days when they cant go to the yard. im not comfortable with junior infants been left under the supervision of 12 year olds. has anyone else heard of this in schools and would you be comfortable with this situation. i havent spoken to the school yet but do intend to. i would like to hear some other parents opinions on this. thank you

re... : supervision in school           reply
19/01/2010 16:34 - Ask Mother Hen
hi the same thing happens in my daughters is only on rainy days and there are usually other teachers walking the hall in case of any emergency.i think it is good because it gives the older kids some responsibility and it also gives the kids a few minutes with kids nearer their own age.if my daughter has a problem the older chld gets a teacher nearby.

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