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Preschool & Montessori

To prepare your little chick for 'Big' school, you may decide to send them to a Pre-School or Montessori at around three years of age. Read our articles below to help you decide what type of pre-school and school you might send your child to:

Click on the counties below to help you find a suitable pre-school for your child in your area. Or why not use our discussion board to seek advice and support from other parents as to the type of pre-school which might best suit your child.

Activities & Classes

Whether you are looking to do art, exercise, swimming or music with your child we have a list of venues that cater for you.

Visit our section on activities & classses for pre-school children in the mornings

Carlow ....... Longford
Kildare ....... Kilkenny
Louth ........ Westmeath
Laois ..... ... Wexford
Meath ..... .. Wicklow


Are you looking for a Nanny, Au-Pair, Childminder or After-school Care?

We have them all listed in our Childcare Centre along with the questions you should ask when choosing one.

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