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Primary Schools in Ireland , Special Schools

Here you can find details for Primary schools in Ireland that have Special Needs capabilities.
Note: Many schools are listed by their Irish name as per Department of Education records. If you let us know the 'local' name we can update our records for that too.

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Name Address EnrollmentPhone
Show details for and Aspergers Syndromeand Aspergers Syndrome1
Show details for Autistic Spectrum DisorderAutistic Spectrum Disorder14
Show details for caters for emotional and behavioral difficultiescaters for emotional and behavioral difficulties1
Show details for Children of Travelling FamiliesChildren of Travelling Families2
Show details for Children on the Autistic SpectrumChildren on the Autistic Spectrum38
Show details for Emotionally DisturbedEmotionally Disturbed19
Show details for Mild General Learnig DisabilityMild General Learnig Disability1
Show details for Mild General Learning DisabilityMild General Learning Disability239
Show details for Moderate General Learning DisabilityModerate General Learning Disability48
Show details for Multiple DisabledMultiple Disabled3
Show details for Physically DisabledPhysically Disabled6
Show details for Preschool for AutismPreschool for Autism8
Show details for Severe and Profound Learning Disabilities ages 4 18 yrsSevere and Profound Learning Disabilities ages 4 18 yrs1
Show details for Severe or Profound Learning DisabilitySevere or Profound Learning Disability11
Show details for Severe & Profound learning Disabilities Ages 4 18Severe & Profound learning Disabilities Ages 4 181
Show details for Severe & Profund Learning Difficulties Ages 4 18Severe & Profund Learning Difficulties Ages 4 181
Show details for Sp Pupils on the Autistic SpectrumSp Pupils on the Autistic Spectrum57
Show details for Sp SchSp Sch1
Show details for Sp Severely Emotionally DisturbedSp Severely Emotionally Disturbed1
Show details for Special-Special-1
Show details for Special- Hearing ImpairedSpecial- Hearing Impaired3
Show details for Special- HospitalSpecial- Hospital10
Show details for Special ADHDSpecial ADHD1
Show details for Special Aspergers SyndromeSpecial Aspergers Syndrome4
Show details for Special Deaf or Hearing ImpairedSpecial Deaf or Hearing Impaired9
Show details for Special Multiply DisabledSpecial Multiply Disabled1
Show details for Special Physically DisabledSpecial Physically Disabled2
Show details for Special Specific Learning DisabilitySpecial Specific Learning Disability4
Show details for Special VisuallyImpairedSpecial VisuallyImpaired1
Show details for Specific Learning DisabilitySpecific Learning Disability12
Show details for Specific Speech & Language DisorderSpecific Speech & Language Disorder45