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Coping with Homework at Secondary School

If you have an older child in secondary school, extra time to study may be important. Your teen will know what they have to achieve but doing it may be a different story. Most secondary schools offer after school study for children in exam years. This can be good because they can get the homework completed in a school environment. If this is not an option, encourage them to put a fixed amount of time to studying each day at home.

Remember that although your teen is more grown up (and sometimes taller than you), you are still the parent and need to have a firm influence in their lives. You can still use sanctions and rewards at this age too as an incentive for them to complete the task. Try to take an interest in the subjects they are covering and offer advice on ways to study etc. You might also take time to help them research the internet for any projects they may have. Sometimes when our children reach the teenage years we feel they are adults. They are not quite there yet and your spending time with them is still appreciated, even though they may not show it!

Finally, encourage your children as they study, highlighting not only any success they have but also the efforts they put in. Remember, encouraging and acknowledging their efforts is most important.

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