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On Your Bike!

Posted by School Run Mum on 13/06/2012. Tags: School Run Mum Parenting

text re imageSo, the summer holidays loom large and the schedule of activities to keep the kids occupied remains worryingly empty. Of course there are plenty of Summer Camps being organised around the country, but they don't always come cheap and there is also the element of being tied to the dates once you book. Sometimes, I prefer to be a little more spontaneous - particularly to be able to take advantage of any rare, sunny days which may be heading our way (finer's crossed). And while I'm sure I will fill up the activity planner with plenty of exciting, adventurous things before the end of June (gulp), in the meantime I do have one fail safe activity to get the whole family out of the house and having fun.


And what better time to start than Bike Week 2012. This is actually more than a week, with activities planned across the country from 16th to 24th June. As the website states: 'Nearly everyone has cycled at some stage – but so many lose the habit. Bike Week is the opportunity for people to get back on the saddle – for commuting or for recreation or just for the sheer joy of it!'

Having recently spent a lovely afternoon cycling with the kids in the Phoenix Park I can honestly say it was great fun. We took our seven-year-old's bike in the car and hired bikes for the two adults with a child seat on the back of one of the bikes for our four-year-old who, although a keen cyclist, just isn't quite confident enough yet without stabilisers. For €15 we spent nearly 3 hours cycling around the park - stopping now and again for a picnic or an ice cream at Farmleigh. It was a great afternoon and a great way to spend family time together for a relatively small price. The guys operating the rental are extremely efficient and friendly and there are bikes to suit for all ages and sizes (just bear in mind that they don't stock bikes with stabilisers) - there are even bike bags so you don't have to carry rucksacks around and the tandems bikes look like great fun.

With so much sport happening this Summer, it's going to be hard to resist the Great Outdoors and while I wouldn't be the biggest fan of climbing mountains or camping (yes, I am a bit of a wuss), I would happily go cycling any day. Just be prepared to feel a little bit tender around the nether regions the next day!

For full details of Bike Week, check out the website at or check out the Facebook page at For details of bike hire in the Phoenix Park see



(10-09-2012 11:03)

Hi There

I cycle myself a lot with or without the kids the kids.
The youngest one (nearly 3) loves the steering wheel attached seat, while my 5 year old sits on the back.

I recently replaced my bike (after it got stolen) and got my wife a bike in the process as well. (The first bike made its money back in 3 months in petrol alone)

I ride a old fashioned High Nelly AKA Oma Bike 28 inch wheel rolls so much more comfortable, and I like the reliability of a coaster break with the extra weight of two kids when coming down hill. Customised with a three speed gear with comes as an extra.

Now I know the below is going to sound as a sales post, but I am not paid to write this nor am I affiliated to the shop or its owner other than as a customer .

As said I (we) are the happy owners of two 28 OMA bikes. My wife had to wait for the customisation of a three speed gear so we were back last weekend to get this fixed

While waiting my kids started playing with what is known as a Bak-Fiets/ Tub-Bike, A huge three-wheeler with a box in front that sits 4 kids easily. Now I live North county Dublin and would not get the use out of this thing but long story short, while waiting the owner allowed me to take the kids out for a spin. They absolutely loved it and I did as well. 6 gears, no weight in cycling it easy to manoeuvre.
Again fitted with front horseshoe and rear coaster break. . I wish I could justify buying it myself.

After the guys fixed the gears on my missus bike I took the two kids on my bike, however we got a bit stuck with the stroller for the youngest, as she did not feel comfortable cycling with that tied to the carrier in the back. Luckily a member of staff kindly brought it out (by bike) to Connolly station

Their service is great, better than the previous shop where I bought, 2 months waiting to get a damaged rear light replaced having to call every week:

Again I do not want to sound like a sales person, but when I first started looking to replace my stolen (Normal) bike I found brands online for 450 minimum 100 more expensive than my initial bike . Now their website is crap in my opinion and I ignored it whenever it came up, I purely went to the shop on word of mouth information.

Standard fixed gear bike 225, optional 3 gears 90 Front & rear child seat optional

Now my baby the 4 (to 6) child seating tub/ delivery bike AKA Bakfiets (Google)
699 (or am I 100 off) .

Again their website kind of stinks but google angelcruiser
FB angelcruisers .
Or if the admin allows it :

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