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40pc of children 9-16 in Ireland have smartphones

Posted by SchoolDays Newshound on 11/02/2014. 40pc of children 9-16 in Ireland have smartphonesTags: Parenting

According to the Net Children Go Mobile report, 35pc of Irish children and teens with smartphones use their devices to go online every day, while 27pc own a tablet computer and also use it to access the internet on a daily basis. The report found that more than 60pc of teenagers in Ireland own a smartphone with some 40pc of children aged 9-16 having a smartphone.

The report shows that smartphone and tablet users engage more in communication and entertainment activities and they also have a higher level of digital skills, safety skills and communicative abilities. However, they are more likely to be exposed to online risks.

Bullying is still the most harmful risky experience while sexual risks are second. Interestingly the report says that while smartphones and tablet users encounter more risks, they don't report more harmful experiences and states that mobile internet access and use is not, therefore, a factor of vulnerability.

Brian O'Neill, leader of the project in Ireland adds: “Mobile devices have helped young people to intensify their internet use but their concerns about content and risks of bullying are rising


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