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ASTI members vote for industrial action

Posted by SchoolDays Newshound, on 13/10/2016. ASTI members vote for industrial actionTags: Teachers Parenting

ASTI members have voted overwhelmingly to take industrial action over lower pay for recently qualified teachers and the worsening of ASTI members’ terms and conditions.
In a ballot on recently qualified teachers’ pay, ASTI teachers voted by a large majority - 80% to 20% - in favour of industrial action, up to and including strike action.
In a separate ballot on the worsening of ASTI members’ terms and conditions (following the union’s rejection of the Lansdowne Road Agreement), members voted decisively by 78% to 22% in favour of industrial action, up to and including withdrawal from supervision and substitution.
Commenting on the ballot results today, ASTI President Ed Byrne said: “Today’s ballot results demonstrate the depth of feeling amongst second-level teachers who have endured years of pay cuts and deteriorating terms and conditions. Teachers do not embark on industrial action lightly and strike action is always a very last resort.”
Strike over recently qualified teachers’ pay
Turnout  - 77%
Yes for industrial action – 80%
“New and recently qualified teachers are not only faced with years of casual short-term contracts, but an inferior rate of pay for doing the exact same work as their colleagues,” said Ed Byrne. “An ASTI teacher starting in 2016 is being paid 20% below the 2010 starting salary. Today’s ballot result demonstrates the sense of injustice amongst teachers at this treatment of new and recently qualified colleagues. It shows that teachers at all stages of their careers are prepared to act in a collegiate spirit and stand up for the most vulnerable teachers in their schools.”
Ballot on withdrawal from supervision and substitution
Turnout – 73%
Yes for industrial action – 78%
ASTI members rejected the Lansdowne Road Agreement in 2015. Subsequently, ASTI members voted to withdraw from the Croke Park Hours. In response the Department of Education of Skills implemented a range of measures for ASTI members including non-payment of monies due in recognition of supervision and substitution work.
“It is now the case that members of the ASTI are engaging in supervision and substitution work for no pay while their colleagues who are members of other unions receive payment. This is because ASTI members voted in a democratic ballot to reject the terms of the Lansdowne Road Agreement. Today’s ballot result – in which 78% of ASTI members voted in favour of withdrawal from supervision and substitution work – is a strong message to the Government that this treatment of teachers is unacceptable.”
The ASTI’s 23-member Standing Committee will discuss the implications of the ballot results tomorrow.

Source ASTI Press Release



(14-10-2016 09:31)

13/10/16 Statement from Minister for Education following ASTI decision

The Minister notes with disappointment the decision taken today by ASTI members.

The Minister has repeatedly expressed his belief that dialogue between his Department and ASTI is in the best interests of schools, parents, students and teachers. He has also expressed his willingness to extend the benefits of the recent agreement reached with TUI and INTO on new entrant pay to ASTI members in the context of the unions cooperation with the Lansdowne Road Agreement. This agreement is worth 135,000 to a teacher over their career.

Furthermore, the Minister has also repeatedly offered that if ASTI suspend their directive on withdrawal from the Croke Park Hours while talks are taking place, the Department can in return suspend the implementation of measures associated with the unions repudiation of the Lansdowne Road Agreement.

The issues of concern to ASTI members can only be resolved through dialogue. Following the ballot result today, the Minister hopes that the union can now engage in constructive dialogue with the Department.

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