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Students & Parents Seek Supports Ahead of Schools Reopening

Posted by Schooldays Newshound, on 22/07/2020. Students & Parents Seek Supports Ahead of Schools ReopeningTags: Parenting Teachers

The ISSU, NCPPP, IGC, and UNICEF are urgently calling on the Government to provide the additional resources students need this Autumn, as preparations continue for the safe reopening of schools after COVID-19 closures. There are serious concerns about student welfare and the impact of distance learning. Plans for the reopening of schools must consequently be developed in consultation with the wider school community, and communicated clearly, ahead of the fast-approaching 2020/21 school year.

The representative groups are reacting to a recent survey of 11,615 students, parents and guardians by the ISSU and the NPCPP, which indicates significant concern around the return to school.

The groups have joined together to ensure the needs of students are addressed. Key concerns are: missed educational/developmental milestones for young people transitioning from primary to post-primary school, and out of post-primary education, health and wellbeing impacts and learning loss.

Survey findings

The core findings of the survey, conducted in June and July 2020, are outlined below. The full survey and its results can be found here.


  • 24.08% of respondents raised concerns around transitioning back to school in September. 2020 and the lack of guidance provided to date, specifically for incoming first-year students

  • Participants sought an induction programme for adjusting back to school.

Health and well-being:

  • 29% of respondents had concerns around their physical health amid reopening.

  • 662 comments were made regarding stress, of which 62% were contributed by students.

  • 353 comments relating to anxiety were made, 70% were made by parents/guardians.

  • Additional mental health resources were highlighted as a priority need.

Learning Loss:

  • Over 51% of respondents noted concerns regarding academic issues.

  • A common concern for students was that distance learning leaves them at a disadvantage, starting the new school year already behind.

In assessing the concerns highlighted, the groups are making the following recommendations:

Support students’ health and wellbeing, especially those most disadvantaged by school closures

  • Increase one-to-one support for students through the reinstatement of dedicated Guidance Counsellor hours to support their social-emotional wellbeing, and deal with anxieties around academic and vocational challenges.

  • Provide extra guidance to students transitioning through educational/developmental milestones or transitioning from primary to post-primary, and out of post-primary.

  • Provide a back-to-school wellbeing programme to address the social, mental, physical and environmental consequences of the pandemic and school closures.

  • Implement additional learning programmes and social supports to address learning loss, particularly for vulnerable or at-risk students, and/or those with special educational needs.

Adapt courses to account for the loss of learning due to school closures

  • Immediate review and adaptation of syllabi and examinations for all subjects at both Junior and Senior Cycle to ensure they are carried out in an equitable way.

  • Adaptations made to specific years or programmes - like Transition Year - must ensure learning, skills and experiences are not compromised.

Safeguard the health and safety of the school community

  • Provide the necessary sanitation facilities and implement social distancing, hygiene and cleaning practices.

  • Share clear, concise and accurate information about COVID-19, to combat the spread of misinformation which exacerbates fear and anxiety.

ISSU, NPCPP, IGC and UNICEF further recommend that the Department of Education & Skills designate schools’ COVID-19 liaisons to coordinate the implementation of these measures, monitor health and safety and oversee contingency planning and the strengthening of remote learning practices in the event of future school closures.



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