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Dept of Education to share children's PPSN

Posted by Sally O'Brien, on 07/01/2015. Dept of Education to share children's PPSNTags: Education And Politics Parenting

A new Primary Online Database, which is being developed by the Dept of Education to collect information on students, including their PPS numbers, will be shared with other agencies including the HSE, Dept of Social Protection and other bodies.

An 'Information Note' by the Dept of Education to parents states that the database is being developed to reduce reduce form filling by schools and to "allow the Department to identify children leaving the education system early or not making the transfer from primary to post primary level"..

According to the Department’s website:

The records will be "maintained until the pupil reaches the age of 30." This is to allow "analysis in line with the national and international priorities for lifelong learning, and to allow for pupils to obtain their record from the Department in the future.”

The Primary Online Database will aim to:

  • replace the need for schools to complete the National School Annual Census,
  • replace the need for schools to maintain the Clárleabhar,
  • facilitate inter-school transfers,
  • facilitate the transfer of data from primary to post-primary schools,
  • identify pupils who do not make the transition from primary to post-primary,
  • allow schools to update DES centrally-held, school-level data such as School Name, Address and Telephone Number. This will provide schools with one point to correct or amend contact details which will then be available to be accessed by all areas across the Department.

    In an effort to assure all data will be security protected, the Department states that only a limited number of departmental staff will have access to children’s records, The Information Note also states that ‘two optional pieces of information requested about your child, religion and ethnic or cultural background, are considered under Data Protection legislation to be sensitive personal data and require your written consent in order for the data to be transferred to the Department’

    However, according to their site, PPS numbers will be shared with other departmental bodies ‘in order to eliminate the need for many of the current data requests to schools from these bodies, for example in relation to vaccination programmes, child benefit claims, application for special educational needs.’

    Click here to view the Departments' 'Information Note to Parents' and for details of their help desk contact details if you have further queries on the issues

    Do you think the Dept of Education should share the information of children’s PPSN with other state bodies? Have your say in our comments sections.



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    No I think it's intrusive

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