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HPV Vaccine in Schools: Concern over side effects being raised

Posted by Sally O'Brien, on 01/09/2015. HPV Vaccine in Schools: Concern over side effects being raisedTags: Parenting Secondary School News

Since 2010 the HPV vaccination has been given to girls in post primary schools in Ireland in an effort to help prevent developing the HPV virus which in some women, can cause cervical cancer.

The vaccine is offered to all first-year post primary girls in schools and is administered by HSE vaccination teams. According to the HSE, there are two vaccines currently licensed for the prevention of HPV infection:

Cervarix®, manufactured by GSK, protects against infection with two HPV types (16 and 18).
Gardasil®, manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur MSD, protects against infection with four HPV types (6, 11, 16 and 18).
Gardasil is the vaccine currently used in the HSE HPV vaccination programme. The manufacturer's Patient information leaflet on Gardasil can be viewed here

The HSE vaccination programme has recently come under the spotlight over parents concerns about side effects caused by the antiviral drug. The HSE website outlines mild side effects which the antiviral drugs may cause including pain, redness or swelling in the arm where the vaccine was given may develop into cellulitis, and other mild side effects such as headache, dizziness, nausea and/or mild fever.

However, although the drug is proven to help prevent girls develop HPV, in recent months there have been a number reports in the Irish media regarding concerns raised by parents about the safety of the drugs used, particularly the drug GardasilⓇ which some parents believe are causing serious side effects. Concerned parents have approached media outlets claiming that there have been serious damaging side effects to their daughters after the HPV vaccination was given to them in schools.

Side effects, reported by the Colahan family, who claim their daughter Abbey has developed serious health problems since receiving the vacine include " blurred vision, chest pain, leg pain and severe headaches as well as the seizures.’ " while the parents of Roisin Heelan from Cork talk about "chronic headaches which became so acute she could not get out of bed.."

In response to these concerns, a new support group called R.E.G.R.E.T has been launched in May this year by parents who, according to their website , have "teenage girls who have developed serious health problems after entering secondary school. These parents are certain the the HPV vaccine (Gardasil is the cause of their daughters' otherwise unexplained illness". The group was founded to offer support to families who have experienced serious side effects from the drug and according to their website it is ‘where parents can read first-hand accounts from Irish victims and their families. The site is also a focal point for raising awareness among other parents whose daughters have yet to receive the injection with the school's vaccination program set to resume in September.’ R.E.G.R.E.T. is an acronym for "Reactions and Effects of Gardasil Resulting in Extreme Trauma".

According to the HSE website, "By March 2015, over 187 million doses of Gardasil® have been distributed worldwide either as part of national immunisation programmes or by private doctors. A review by the European Centre for Disease and Control (ECDC) published in February 2015 considered data on the safety profile of Gardasil and concluded that Gardasil is generally safe and well-tolerated. "

In July, the European Medicines Agency launched a review of the cervical cancer vaccine’s safety, while asserting that the review should not raise questions about whether the vaccine’s benefits in preventing cervical cancer outweigh their risks. The agency also said there should be no change to national HPV vaccination recommendations. View the PRAC report here

Are you affected by this story? Please share your views in the comment section below.



(03-09-2015 22:17)

Any 1st year parent considering giving their daughters the HPV vaccine should do their own research and not just go along with it because the HSE recommends it. The HSE is not informing parents that this vaccine is currently under review by the European Medicines Agency.

clancy treacy

(03-09-2015 21:29)

Hi to all parents of 1st year girls. Please inform yourselves about this vaccine. I had all my children vaccinated so I am not ant-vaccine. But unfortunately my daughter has been seriously ill since 2010. She has not sat her Junior or Leaving Cert and is house bound. Don't rush into a decision, take your time to educate yourself and make your decision. Thanks Clancy

Caroline delaney

(07-09-2015 07:02)

My daughter is a different girl wish I never got her the cab she has gone from a sporty girl to a girl that struggles every day and I feel so guilty and it breaks my heart to see her like this

Kiva Murphy

(05-09-2015 17:06)

This vaccination is toxic my daughter has been seriously injured after receiving it . She has not been in school for 2 years due to chronic pain and fatigue. Its under review. Its not safe


(01-09-2015 19:03) has now 75 Irish families in the Support Group and first hand accounts of their stories can be read on the website. HSE is working hard to cover this up.


(17-09-2015 15:28)

In 2010, one Irish mother needed to make a decision on
whether her daughter would receive the HPV vaccine.
Based on her research, she wrote a thesis for her Masters


(05-09-2015 16:31)

My daughter was a vibrant and healthy girl before receiving the HPV vaccine in 2010. She is no longer able to attend school, participate in sport or social activities. She sufferes from chronic fatigue, muscle & joint paint ever since. Please do you reseacher before you consider giving your consent for this vaccine.


(06-09-2015 14:13)

my daughter was vaccinated. in 2011. and her life has been destroyed she no longer goes to school she struggles on a daily basis chronic fatigue ,insomnia,pain in joints ,headaches
,depressions ,nausea&vomiting, weight loss hypertension and i could keep going !!! please visit my heart breaks


(31-07-2016 21:08)

My daughter has been suffering and is seriously ill since getting her vaccines in 2011& 2012. She had an instant reaction of swelling redness of tge arm and flu like symptoms followed..serve head aches,continous gastrointestinal problems..chrOnich fatigue and chronic pain has plagued her life for the past 5 yrs. Once an honours sporty student, she is unable to attend school anymore or do any sports . It is a living nightmare for her and our family.the HSE have given us no help or recognise that there is a connection or help us find a cause.I know this vaccine did this to my daughter.this vaccine is poison,a lie and tge only people who benifit from this is the pharmaceutical shareholder


(04-09-2015 15:50)

Prior to consent please read the website. I will NOT be giving consent for my daughter to have this vaccine. The case incidences of serious adverse effects, in Ireland alone, raise serious cause for concern.


(07-09-2015 12:45)

My son (they give the vaccine to boys here in Oz) was injured - chronic fatigue, constant headaches, heart palpitations, POTS, body aches and pains are all stopping him from going to school full time. He now has Lyme disease from a previous tick bite as the HPV vaccine is known to set off dormant pathogens in the body. I am a member if various support groups of HPV Vaccine victims many of which now have Lyme disease. Apart from the many people we are in contact with online we personally know a couple of other's who were adversely affected. Most commonly affected seem to be young people with certain (very common) genetic mutations and methylation issues. Most common issues are the ones my son has and auto immune issues. Many others have in fact died from this horrid vaccine. I wish I had not trusted the government and manufacturer's website when deciding to allow them to inject my children. Please do your research first.


(07-09-2015 17:46)

My daughter got the vaccine in 2013 within a few weeks was covered in bruises and now has a chronic bleeding disorder because of the vaccine. The information from the hse does not give the real side effects of the vaccine.


(04-11-2015 04:17)

My daughter got all 3 shots in 2009, she missed almost a year of school, chronic fatigue, chronic yeast infections, dizzy, fainting, swollen lymph nodes, in hospital for pneumonia, headaches, food sensitivities, stomach aches, chills , cries asking WHY not healthy and constant problems...has to sleep a lot or can't function at all. She eats very good diet, vitamins and still best years robbed from her...its a living nightmare and the guilt I feel for taking her for those shots I will never forgive myself, wishing could go back in time...


(13-02-2017 20:21)

My daughter has been ill since receiving the vaccine in 2010. Every time we think she has turned a corner her symptoms return or new ones appear - headaches,hair loss,ovarian cysts, fatigue, swollen glands, joint pain, abdominal pain, muscle weakness,pins & needles in her limbs, Lyme disease. There has been no help offered to us by the HSE so please do your own research as if it goes wrong you are on your own. My daughter has no normal life.


(28/07/2017 16:54)

Always DO YOUR OWN research before giving a consent. Do not simply believe what you are told by mainstream media, GPs, PHNs and HSE. They will never give you the full picture. Educate before you vaccinate.


(14/12/2017 14:33)

My daughter got this needle aan since she has been saying to me over an over first she get stomach awake then her legs go numb an she can't move she gets heaadakes after it too I taught it was her body changing it only dawed on me it could be from this needle I've an appointment to get her checked up with doctor Monday

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