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Lollipop lady verbally attacked by parents In Drogheda

Posted by Sally O'Brien, on 29/01/2015. Lollipop lady verbally attacked by parents In DroghedaTags: Parenting Education And Politics

A lollipop lady was verbally abused by a number of parents outside a school in Drogheda, as reported in the Irish Independent and The Irish Mirror yesterday.

The papers reported that Gardai have now been carrying out checks outside the school to ensure that parents are parking responsibly. The school, St Brigid's National School in Drogheda, Louth was handed a letter by the Community Policing Unit to give to parents about the on-going traffic problems outside the school.

According to the report, parents have been causing a number of offences by parking dangerously outside the school when dropping their children off, children are sitting in the front seat of their cars, not ensuring child seatbelts and child seats are used, and a minority group were acting aggressively to the Lollipop lady and a local traffic warden.

The Irish Mirror reported:

“The note stated parents are “driving carelessly” and “parking in a dangerous manner” in bus lanes and on footpaths. The letter, given to pupils at the girls’ junior primary school, went on to claim that the traffic warden had been subjected to abuse.

It read:

“Instances have occurred where the lollipop lady has been verbally abused by parents and also has had parents not obey her duties helping your children cross safely to school.

Gardai have been present outside your children’s school in the morning and afternoon in the last school year and have verbally warned parents about the dangers they are creating outside the school.”

“This practice will take place again for this school year with random checks taking place by gardai.”


miriam soughley

(31-01-2015 21:45)

It's the same at most schools unfortunately. It's by no way an example to their children. Surely a lot of the children could walk to school, they can't live that far away if the're in the catchment area. It would do both mums and kids good. These parents consider nobody but themselves when they park and some day there will be a terrible tragedy and again it won't be their fault it will be someone else's. Wake up ladies and yes it's mostly ladies who are in the wrong in this situation.


(28-03-2015 11:10)

Ppaula, I'll never forget the Muppet woman who suddenly began reversing as I took my daughter home from school, (we were carefully crossing behind her) when asked what the hell? She told me THE CAR DID IT


(03-02-2015 16:53)

I am a lollypop lady myself and whilst most parents are responsible there is a small minority that think they are above the law. I have been verbally abused. I dont get paid very much money to stand in the cold and rain and really dont need the hassle. I would ask all parents at every school to act in a more responsible manner. At the end of the day we are trying to keep children safe - not make your life difficult.

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