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Teachers urged to attend meeting about pension alterations

Posted by SchoolDays Newshound on 28/02/2011. Teachers urged to attend meeting about pension alterations Tags: Teachers News

Teachers from across Ireland are expected to attend a meeting in Galway to discuss potential changes to their pension plans later this week (March 2nd 2011).

Members of institutions such as the Irish National Teachers' Organisation, the ASTI and the Teachers' Union of Ireland are likely to want to participate in the event, which is scheduled to take place at 8pm local time in the Aras Moyola Theatre at the National University of Ireland.

The organisations have urged their members to attend, as it is "important" for them to actively show "clear opposition to changes that will result in a substantially poorer pension provision" for many of their colleagues.

"This is an attack on pension terms which must be resisted," the groups stated.

Meanwhile, the government recently revealed plans to build six new third-level colleges on four campus locations across the country, including the University of Limerick and the Cork Institute of Technology.

Written by Donal Walsh



(01-03-2011 20:20)

if you read it he accrued his pension since 1970s. the fact that he was not teaching is the problem. he would not get these figures from 4 yrs teaching. the system allows it to accrue while he is in politics ie over 35 yrs . different issue. he would not have been contributing to pension so yes it is very wrong. However all teachers conribute to their pension it does not come free.


(01-03-2011 17:55)

Typical, example of what I am talking about - Dody ... You make assumptions like I had a bad experience and didnt like school!! . I love School and have some brilliant teachers its the Crap Ones Im having the bad experience with: that the Problem!! Im the one paying for the fact that they dont like school!
Now Ms do you Homework - This is where I got the Information,


(01-03-2011 10:42)

obviously some one who had a bad experience as a child. you try teaching 30 15 year olds algebra. they love it !!!!!! i am a teacher for 10yrs if i retired in morn i would not be getting a 100,000 hand shake dont know where u got information. grow up and forget about the little boy who didnt like school.


(28-02-2011 23:42)

When a Person (No matter WHO he is) is entitled to a 100,000 Golden Hand Shake and a 30,000 a year pension - after working as at teacher for only 4 years!! - Is a disgrace!!. Teachers Salaries and Pensions should be Performance Related and based on how their Students do academically, which should be nationally assessed at All levels. A good teacher is paid the same as a poor one start living in the real world, with the rest of us. Public sector employees enjoy jobs for life, can never be fired and have indexed linked pensions Cop on. try doing some real work not a few hours a week and 200 days a year If You dont like it - join the private sector !

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