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Education Passports are now compulsory for all 6th class pupils

Posted by SchoolDays Newshound, on 30/06/2015. Education Passports are now compulsory for all 6th class pupilsTags: Education And Politics

The Department of Education and Skills has recently made the 'Education Passport' a compulsory requirement for all 6th class pupils in their transition from Primary to Post-Primary School.

In a new circular, which was issued to schools earlier this month, the Education Passport, which has been developed by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, (NCCA) is described as

"a suite of materials to support the reporting and transfer of pupil information from Primary to Post-Primary schools. The materials are presented under the umbrella title of 'Education Passport' and are available at"

The materials were first introduced to Primary schools in the academic year 2013/14 on an optional basis.

The Education Passport comprises of three main learning assessments, completed by Primary schools, to help Post-Primary Schools evaluate students as individuals. The materials in the Education Passport include;

1) Teacher's Report - The standard 6th Class Report Card Template, which must be completed by the school.

2) Child's Report - The Primary School will supply the My Profile Sheet, which must be completed by all 6th class pupils and will be shared with their Parents/Guardians upon completion

3) Parent/Guardian's Report - The My Child’s Profile sheet should be sent with the My Profile sheet to parents/guardians by the end of the second week of June at the latest. Parents may complete the My Child’s Profile, should they wish to do so. The primary school should forward My Child’s Profile, if completed, along with the pupil’s My Profile sheet and the 6th Class Report Card to the post-primary school.

Upon confirmation of enrolment, the Primary school will send all relevent materials to the Post-Primary school.

For parents, you should receive a copy these materials before they are sent to the Post-Primary school. Although the My Child's Profile sheet is not a compulsory requirement, it does provide parents with the chance to give voice to who your child really is as an individual.

The My Child's Profile sheet is available to view or download here.

Click here to read the full circular.


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